Bored kids in the car? Try these 5 electronics

By Kijiji Autos
Bored kids in the car? Try these 5 electronics Kijiji Autos

Heading out on a road trip with kids can be a bit challenging, depending on how old your youngsters are and how long the trip is. Luckily, these days there are all kinds of electronic devices available to help the time go by during travel and keep away boredom. No matter how old your child is or what your budget is, with so many options, there's something available for everyone. Here's just a few options to browse for on Kijiji before you get ready to hit the road.

E-Learning Devices

Why not combine a bit of on-the-road entertainment with some learning? A variety of electronics are available for young children to practice some of the basic skills such as reading and math, and these can be a great way to distract your little ones from how long the trip is. From devices by Leappad, VTech , Smarttab and more, there are plenty of options available to suit your child’s level. These devices are also usually more durable and easier to navigate for small hands, making them ideal for youngsters.

Portable DVD players

Streaming movies or videos eats up too much data, or is impossible to do due to spotty network coverage while traveling, and sometimes it’s just not convenient to spend time searching for and downloading movies before a trip. A portable DVD player can be the easiest way to keep kids occupied with their favorite flicks, and usually this electronic device is quite affordable. It’s also a great option that everyone can enjoy at once. Bring along a few of their favorite discs and a spare set of batteries and you’re all set for a few hours of entertainment.


Older children may be best entertained by a mobile tablet such as an iPad, Kindle or Windows tablet, as you or they can download apps and content of their choosing ahead of time, creating a customized library of games, e-books, downloaded videos and music that they can reach for anytime they start to get restless. Long-lasting batteries and chargers that plug into the lighter keep them having fun all the way from Point A to Point B.

Electronic Board Games

If your child has a favorite board game, why not look for the electronic version of that game? One of these devices can be an easy way to occupy your little one for an hour or two, and these games are usually very affordable, so you can stock up, even on a budget, before a trip.


If you’re trying to inspire your little one to pay more attention to the views and scenery around them rather than just immersing themselves in a device, a camera may be the perfect electronic for the trip. There are plenty of basic cameras designed for little hands for younger kids, or nicer models with more options if your child is older. Photography is a lot of fun for kids to discover, and it keeps them looking out the windows and taking in the scenery, which is perfect if you have a child that is sensitive to motion. It also allows them to capture images of the journey to save for long after the trip is over. Once you get home, you may even want to have some of their captures printed and make a memory scrapbook of the trip.

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