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Are you hunting for the best deal on a new car online? Take advantage of Kijiji Autos' Online Financing listings, resources and information to help you find the car of your dreams and pay the best price.

Here are some tips for getting an awesome car price estimate online:

Compare car prices

It's much easier to compare prices from the comfort of your own home than at a dealership. Did you know that Kijiji Autos makes it easy to compare prices of similar models? Our buyer-friendly listings give you a good idea of a car's estimated value with our Price analysis (subject to data availability) and car mileage analysis features.

You'll know right away if a car's price falls above or below average prices for similar models of that year and mileage.

Research the car's estimated trade-in value

While sellers aren't obligated to price their cars based on their trade-in value, you'll get a pretty good idea if you're getting the best deal on a car if you enter the vehicle's details on an online trade-in value estimator.

Find rebates online

You may have your eye on a particular model and not even realize that there's an incentive on offer. You'll typically find the cheapest deals on cars in the winter and summer, and if you're looking to buy a hybrid or electric vehicle, be sure to check what provincial and federal rebates may be available, as these incentives can cover a portion of the cost.

Learn the art of negotiation

The first rule of negotiation is that there is no negotiation. You might make a low offer right from the very start, and at which point, the seller will likely give you a flat-out "no." But believe it or not, that kind of "no" is always seller code for, "come on, try again."

Want to know more about how to negotiate? The video in the above paragraph will show everything you need to lower the asking price.

Learn about Online Financing

Traditionally, after finding a vehicle you wanted to buy you would drive out to a dealership for a test drive and to apply for financing. With Kijiji Autos, you can now apply for financing online before heading to the dealership.

Getting approved before test driving and finalizing your deal means less time wasted filling in forms and sitting around waiting. Plus, by giving you the power to arrange your own financing, you can compare options, find a payment plan that you are comfortable with and help make sure you're getting a great deal. If you're not sure if financing, leasing or paying cash is the best way to go for you, read up on our financing vs. leasing page. 

Are you looking for ways to help you get the best car prices online? Kijiji Autos lets you shop with confidence when you use our helpful features and tools to narrow down your search. Find awesome vehicles in your area today!

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