The pros and cons of buying an SUV

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The pros and cons of buying an SUV kijiji autos

Now that almost every car class offers larger-capacity models, there are many positives to buying an SUV, or Sports Utility Vehicle. However, whether or not its the right vehicle for you is another matter.

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Available in a wide variety of price points and sizes, SUV and crossovers are the fastest growing car type on the road today. From the Honda CR-V and Nissan Rogue, to the Mazda CX-5 and Ford Explorer, there is an ever-growing abundance of SUVs to choose from.

Thanks to their rugged build and capable handling, it’s clear that SUVs and crossovers aren’t going away anytime soon. This article is designed to help you decide if an SUV is right for you.

Five reasons to buy an SUV or crossover

1. Plenty of passenger space

Although this isn’t necessarily true for every SUV, when compared to smaller city cars the SUV delivers ample room. Designed to fit the whole family, these vehicles tend to offer plenty of leg and headspace, as well as large storage capabilities, which makes for an all-around comfortable ride.

2. Easy to get in and out of

Again, thanks to the larger build of these vehicles it’s much easier to climb into it without having to stoop. This benefit also applies to your children, as it is much easier to get them safely buckled into the back seats when you can stand up straight.

3. Unobstructed view

Thanks to the size of an SUV or crossover, you’ll typically find that you have a better view of your surroundings from the driver’s seat. This improved road vision means that you’re able to read the road more effectively, giving you a better chance of knowing if or when you need to slow down.

4. Rugged capabilities

Two of the major selling features of an SUV or crossover are their towing and off-road driving abilities. Although not all are designed specifically for these purposes, the rugged construction of a sports utility vehicle lends itself more handily to overcoming difficult terrain and road conditions typical to Canadian winters.

5. Value retention

Thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of SUVs and crossovers, they are much less likely to depreciate in value than other cars. They’re built to last and represent a good investment that you can sell later for a decent price.

Two reasons not to buy an SUV or crossover

1. They aren’t fuel efficient

Although a number of SUVs and crossovers boast fairly impressive fuel consumption, they are generally considered very inefficient when compared to compact cars. These vehicles produce greater drag while driving and are generally much heavier than a smaller vehicle.

2. They’re less stable

Thanks to their higher center of gravity, SUVs and crossovers are much more top-heavy than traditional cars, making them much less stable on the road. Their tall and broad construction also means that they are susceptible to particularly strong winds and can tilt on sharp corners.

Whether or not you could benefit from owning an SUV or crossover depends on your own unique needs. Hopefully, this helped contextualize some of the great positives and negatives to owning a sports utility vehicle. Check on Kijiji Autos for a number of SUV and CUV options at a variety of price points.

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