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Convertibles for sale

The wind in your hair, sunshine, fresh air... There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when taking a top-down cruise in a convertible. From back-country trails in a rugged model to paved streets in a sleek sporty style, there are so many ways to enjoy the rush of driving a convertible.

If you’re considering buying a convertible, take a look below for our wide range of soft-top and hardtop convertibles. You’ll find plenty of new and used cars in your area that will let you take the top down and enjoy the sunshine.

Size and style

Convertibles range in size from small two-seat sports cars to compact or mid-size vehicles that offer 2+2 seating. Trunk space varies from fairly large to practically non-existent, and backseat leg-room can be very tight. You can also choose between soft-top and hideaway hardtop designs. Both top styles have advantages and disadvantages. For instance, a soft-top convertible does not provide much insulation from colder weather.

Space and storage

When buying a new convertible, consider your space and storage needs. If storage is important for you, a large trunk is essential. Remember that a convertible top has to go somewhere when it is retracted, and that can take up a good portion of the trunk area. A soft-top will generally use up less storage space than a retractable hardtop.

Here are some top tips to consider when buying a convertible.

Top tips:

  • Determine your budget. Convertible prices vary greatly, so you should be able to find an open-air cruiser that suits your needs
  • Check the Natural Resources Canada fuel consumption guide to determine your potential fuel expenses
  • Investigate the cost of insurance for this type of vehicle
  • A soft-top convertible may be less expensive than a hardtop; but don’t forget that it offers less insulation when the weather is cool
  • Check the trunk space - this will be the only secure area for storage when the top is down
  • Consider the comfort and spaciousness of the back seats. Some convertibles can feel a bit cramped in the back
  • A convertible does not offer as much protection as a traditional coupe. You may want to consider a convertible with roll bars to provide extra protective structure
  • Take a test-drive. How does the car handle with the top down? Is there a lot of body shake? Operate the top. If it is power operated, does it raise and lower quickly and quietly? If it is manually operated, is it heavy? Does it lock down easily?

Browse through the options below to find the convertible that's right for you. Whether you want a car for sunny highway driving, or a rugged convertible to take on the back roads, our wide selection of new and used convertibles will help you find a car that suits your lifestyle.

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