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Car protection products

Help protect your car and your peace of mind

Buying a car is not just a necessity for many Canadians, it's also a major investment. One way to help protect that investment, and to keep your new car looking great, is by adding car protection products to your car deal.

What are car protection products?

Designed to protect your car, your investment and your peace of mind, protection products may help you to avoid costly car repair bills.

Offered by dealers, these products either act as an additional warranty on a particular part of a car, like the windshield or tires, or are physical products applied to the exterior or interior of a vehicle to help prevent future damage or theft. When you finance a car online through Kijiji Autos, you get access to a variety of custom car protection products offered by dealerships in your area. Depending on the product and the dealer, you can add protection products to a new or used car, pay in monthly instalments or in a single payment, and may even be able to customize your coverage when finalizing your car deal.

How to add a protection product to your Kijiji Autos car deal

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After configuring a payment plan, you'll be able to review the dealer's available protection products and prices. You can then add any desired protection products to your deal and review the revised monthly cost.

Saving you time and stress at the dealership, our secure online system allows you to submit your financing application to the dealer and their financial partner for approval from the comfort of your home or office.

Advantages of purchasing protection products

  • Ability to research protection products from the comfort of your home
  • Fair and transparent pricing means you can feel confident about your decision
  • No pressure; you can take the time you need to make the right decision
  • Completing paperwork at home saves you time and stress at the dealership
  • Could help you avoid costly repairs and end-of-lease charges down the road

Types of car protection products

Affordable protection against qualifying tire damage. Unexpected road hazards like potholes, nails and broken glass can lead to punctured tires or bent rims. A Road Hazard tire plan can help cover the cost of qualifying  tire repairs or replacement.

Help deter thieves by having your vehicle's VIN number permanently engraved on the windows and windshield. Recommended by police and insurance companies, VIN etching is designed to help protect against theft by making stolen cars and car parts harder to sell.

Help protect your view. Rocks and road debris can chip or crack your car windshield. Rock Guard windshield protection can help cover the cost of qualifying  windshield repair or windshield replacement.

Broken or lost key fobs can be expensive to replace. For a small monthly fee added to your car payments, a key fob replacement plan can be an affordable alternative to a one-time replacement cost.

Help protect your vehicle and your investment with rust protection for cars. Long Canadian winters mean cars are exposed to high levels of salt and moisture, ideal conditions for rust. Applying a high-quality rust-proofing product to your new car is designed to prevent or minimize rust damage and help maintain its value.

Help protect your car's exterior with Stone Guard Protection, a clear urethane adhesive film that is engineered to help prevent paint chips. This undetectable film is extremely durable, helping to keep your paint job in like-new condition and helping to enhance the resale value of your car.

Help keep the inside and outside of your car looking great with Paint and Fabric Protection. The exterior paint protectant helps guard against paint damage while the interior protectant provides resistance against stains, UV rays and weathering. Available for new and used cars.


Start by searching for cars with online financing. When you find a vehicle you're interested in, click "Start Now" in the Online Financing section to begin building your car deal. After configuring your monthly payment plan, you can add any available protection products to your deal.

Protection product prices vary between dealerships and car models. Available car protection product prices are displayed during the online financing payment configuration process.

When you add a protection product to your Kijiji Autos online financing application, the dealer will include it in your car deal. When finalizing paperwork with the dealership, they will provide you full details on the extra coverage and protection products applied to your vehicle.

While car insurance usually covers the cost of car repairs required after an accident, it does not typically pay for normal wear and tear or car maintenance costs. Car protection products can help prevent the need for costly repairs not covered by insurance.

Windshield coverage varies from policy to policy. While some insurance companies do cover windshield repair and replacement, this may lead to increased insurance premiums. Windshield protection covers the cost of repairing qualifying windshield chips and cracks without affecting your insurance rates.

Some experts say rust protection is worth it on a new car because it not only helps protect against visible and hidden rust damage, it could also help maintain the future resale value of your car.

Car paint protection products are a great way to help keep your car looking new for longer. Stone Guard Protection film is engineered to protect against paint chips, while Exterior Paint Protectant helps guard against paint damage from salt, bird waste, tree sap and more.

It can cost up to $500 to replace a key fob, as you will need to pay for both a new key and to have it programmed to work with your car. A key fob warranty can be an affordable alternative to a costly one-time replacement fee.

VIN etching is the act of permanently engraving a vehicle's federally registered vehicle identification number (VIN) into the windows and windshield. As this makes it harder to sell a stolen car or its parts, police and insurance companies can recommend VIN etching as an effective theft deterrent.