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Hatchbacks for sale

Hatchback models are available from entry-level small cars to high-end luxury brands and you can start your search by browsing through the selection of new and used hatchback options for sale in your area.

Comfort and cargo

Designed to make the most of available space, hatchback cars are often ideal for families or for people with active, varied lifestyles that use their vehicle to carry gear for a given day’s outing. Most hatchbacks feature fold-down rear seats that create more cargo space for your essentials – whether that means groceries, a pet or camping gear.

A versatile choice

Available in three-door or five-door configurations, a hatchback is a versatile and economical option. While the interior can be spacious, these vehicles are generally quite compact, making them easy to drive and park. Hatchbacks come in either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive with a wide variety of powertrain choices depending on the model. The convenient rear hatch makes the hatchback an ideal compromise between a sedan and an SUV although a hatchback is usually slightly taller and less aerodynamic than the average sedan.

Here are some top tips to help you in your search for your ideal hatchback.

Top tips:

  • When setting a budget, consider whether you want a smaller 3-door hatchback, or a more spacious 5-door model
  • Double-check whether the back seats fold down for more versatility
  • If you like to store items securely in the trunk of your car, check to see if the hatchback model has a privacy shelf in the back to keep your valuables out of sight
  • Look for a model with a larger back window if you want to have the feeling of more visibility than you would find in an average sedan
  • Research safety records of hatchbacks and look at the Natural Resources Canada fuel economy guide to get an idea of what your costs of operation might be with a given model

Search below to find a wide variety of hatchback cars for sale by local dealerships and private sellers. From small and sporty units to spacious 5-door models, you’ll find the size and design that suits your lifestyle.

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