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minivan is a high-roof, five-door hatchback built on a midsize platform that offers greater ground clearance and more room than a sedan or a station wagon. It’s the ideal choice for families. Today, five manufacturers produce vans specifically as family vehicles. Others have continued to build small vans to be used for delivery or work vehicles.

Comfort and cargo

If you’re looking for a new or used minivan, you need to decide what you want to use the vehicle for. Will it be your family vehicle? Or will you be using it for cargo purposes as a work vehicle? Minivans have plenty of room with two- or three-row seating and space for an active family to stow all of their gear. A major benefit is that the second- and third-row seats also fold down to create a flat load floor.

Available features

These vans can be luxuriously equipped with amenities such as; power features, Bluetooth connection, video entertainment systems, navigation systems, backup cameras, park assist and even on-board vacuum cleaners.

Driving a minivan

Available in two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, as either gasoline-powered or hybrid vehicles, they have all the safety systems you would expect to find in a sedan. A minivan drives like a sedan, but offers the forward visibility of a utility vehicle. Cargo vans specifically designed for work are less luxurious, but just as capable as the family model. They are rugged, reasonably economical and can be configured for any kind of job. Cargo vans are available in either a minivan or a full-size van configuration.

Top tips:

  • Decide whether you are looking for a new or used van
  • Determine whether cargo space or passenger seating is most important for you
  • Remember that plenty of comfortable seating will be necessary if this is going to be your family vehicle
  • Consider looking for a van with seats that fold down easily
  • Take a test-drive and bring the family with you - they will help you to determine whether or not the van is suitable
  • Remember that vans are larger and heavier than most vehicles, so they will not be as fuel-efficient. Check the Natural Resources Canada fuel consumption charts
  • Check door design to ensure you will have easy access for loading gear or helping kids into car seats
  • If this is going to be your work vehicle, measure the cargo area to ensure it is sufficient

Browse through our selection to find a van that suits your lifestyle. From rugged work vehicles to family-friendly minivans, you're sure to find the right new or used van to meet your needs.

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