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Sedans for sale

There are so many sizes, options and price points available when it comes to sedans, it can be challenging to know what to go for. You’ll want to consider all options to be sure you get the right vehicle for your lifestyle. From small sedans, compact cars, mid-size cars and full-size models; there are many styles to choose from. There are low-cost entry-level vehicles and high- end luxurious models with high-end prices.

Factors to consider

When buying a car in this particular automotive segment, you’ll want to have a set budget in mind and then do the appropriate research into safety standards, fuel economy, performance, options and amenities. You can start your search by browsing through this extensive selection of new and used sedans for sale in your area by private sellers and dealerships.

Fuel efficiency

The aerodynamic shape of a sedan makes it inherently more fuel efficient than utility vehicles. Engine choices run from small, economical 4-cylinder turbo engines to fire-breathing twin-turbo V8s. Transmission options run from five- and six-speed manual to continuously
variable transmission
 (CVT) up to 10-speed automatic. The only limiting factor may be your budget.

Driving a sedan

The different types of sedan models include front-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. The lighter weight of sedans allows them to accelerate quickly and brake even faster. Handling response is quick, the ride is smooth and the car is quiet. As an added bonus, fuel consumption in sedans is often quite low.

Available amenities

For the interior of your sedan, you can choose between cloth upholstery, leatherette or pure leather. When it comes to the instrument panel, you can go for a minimalist style or you can opt for full-out digital readouts on everything you need to know, but may have been afraid to ask, about the operation of your car. Want power everything? No problem. Want a stereo you’d be proud to have in your family room? Okay. Navigation? Sure thing. Sedans can also include every safety measure known to the automotive industry. It’s just a matter of choice and budget.

Top tips:

  • Set a budget. Consider the costs of insurance and operation of your vehicle.
  • Consider how much passenger seating and trunk space you will need.
  • Decide what size of vehicle you would like, and what amenities you will need.
  • Do a test-drive to feel how the car handles, accelerates, brakes and rides.
  • Remember that newer sedans tend to offer even more fuel efficiency.
  • Check that the roof height and leg-room space are sufficient.
  • Measure the ground clearance if you tend to drive on rough roads.

Our inventory includes thousands of options to help you find the best local sedans. Use the filters to streamline your search, or simply browse through to find the right sedan for you.

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