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Acura NSX

Acura NSX side view
Acura NSX angular front perspective
Acura NSX angular rear perspective

Overview of the Acura NSX

Learn about the Acura NSX


Every part of the Acura NSX is designed with optimal performance in mind. The aerodynamic angles of the body, engine power, precision steering and acceleration capabilities are just a few features that combine to create an exhilarating driving experience. Adding to the driver's enjoyment is the deluxe interior, sweeping visibility and state-of-the-art acoustics. There are two generations of the Acura NSX supercar, so you're able to explore which version is right for you.


Although driver and passenger airbags did not become mandatory until 1998, the Acura NSX was equipped with both by 1993. By 2001, the Acura NSX also featured seatbelts that locked in the event of an accident, a four-wheel antilock brake system (ABS), traction control and an anti-theft alarm system.

Acura NSX trims manufactured in 2017 and later have additional safety features such as stability control, daytime running lights and dual side-mounted airbags.


The Acura NSX features a luxurious interior with two sporty seats and a top-of-the-line entertainment system. Upgrades include partial to all-leather interiors and cruise control on the steering wheel. Drivers report ample legroom inside the spacious interior. 

Early twenty-first century Acura NSX trims included power features such as power mirrors, power seats and power locks. Trims manufactured in 2018 and later also included:

  • Hands-free entry
  • Heated seats
  • Electric windows


Advanced entertainment systems have long been an outstanding feature of the Acura NSX. Technology such as Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports and a reverse-assist camera was not mainstream when the earliest Acura NSX models were manufactured. But, as of 2017, the Acura NSX included a host of technological features:

  • Keyless ignition
  • Rear and side-view cameras
  • USB ports
  • Auxiliary audio input
  • Speed sensitive volume control


Cabin space was always top of mind when the various trims of the Acura NSX were designed. Owner reviews and forum threads indicate there is plenty of legroom and headroom for all passengers, making it a spacious and comfortable ride no matter where you're headed.

Some Acura NSX owners and reviewers have criticized the minimal amount of trunk space, but drivers who don't require a lot of cargo space won't find this to be an issue.


This sports car is fast and comfortable. The Acura NSX maximizes comfort with ergonomic seating, as well as backrests and headrests that can be adjusted in multiple ways. Drivers enjoy great forward visibility when they're behind the wheel, making navigating even heavy traffic and rough terrain a breeze. The Acura NSX handles with great agility, so tight spaces and sharp turns are not a problem for drivers of any experience level.

Pros and cons of the Acura NSX

  • Superb balance and handling
  • Designed to be noticed
  • Comfortable interior
  • Aerodynamic exterior
  • Supercar speed and performance
  • Limited cargo space
  • High price tag
  • Outdated navigational systems in newer models
  • Clunky infotainment systems in some models
This is general information and should not be relied on as purchasing advice.

Specifications of the Acura NSX

Key specifications available across all trim levels
  • Seats2
  • Doors2
  • Fuel typeHybrid
  • TransmissionManual or Automatic
  • City consumption11.1 L/100km
  • Highway consumption10.8 L/100km
  • Width2217 mm
  • Length4470 - 4472 mm
  • Trunk space110 L
  • Cargo space110 L
Exact values depend on trim and engine choice.

Trims available with the Acura NSX

What is a trim? Trims are different options of the same car with different features and equipment. The specs depend on the trim you choose.This variant of the Acura NSX 2017 - present is available in 1 trim:

Basic trim features and specs

  • 2 climate zones
  • Air conditioning (automatic)
  • Cargo barrier (optional)
  • Center arm rest between front seats
  • Electric windows
  • Electrically adjustable front seats (optional)
  • Heated front seats
  • Leather steering wheel
  • Multifunction steering wheel
  • Paddle shifters
  • Power steering
  • Sport seats in the front
  • Tire repair kit
  • Alloy wheels
  • Daytime running lights
  • Door mirrors electrically adjustable
  • Four-wheel drive
  • High-beam assist
  • LED daytime running lights
  • LED headlights
  • Short wheel base
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Brake assist system
  • Dimming interior mirror
  • Disc brakes
  • Dusk sensor
  • Electronic traction control
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Front-driver airbag
  • Front-passenger airbag
  • Knee airbag
  • Side airbag
  • Side curtain airbag
  • Stability control
  • Tire pressure indicator
  • Android Auto
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Bluetooth
  • Computer
  • Cruise control
  • Digital radio
  • Front sensors (optional)
  • Hill start assist
  • Keyless entry
  • Navigation system (optional)
  • Power door locks
  • Radio
  • Rear sensors
  • Rear view camera
  • Start stop system
  • Touchscreen
  • USB port for front passengers
1 engine is available with the Basic trim:
3.5 L - Hybrid - 573 hp
City consumption:11.1 L/100km
Highway consumption:10.8 L/100km
Transmission:Manual or Automatic
Range:539 km

Frequently asked questions about the Acura NSX

As a fast, high performing vehicle, the Acura NSX fits the bill as a supercar.

The Acura NSX has more horsepower than many other fast cars. Early trims had 270 to 290 hp while later models boast 573 hp.

There is a wide range of prices for buyers. A 1995 Acura NSX costs $50,000 to $60,000, while one from 2017 costs $107,000 to $170,000.

The Acura NSX is part of the Honda family – a company well known for building reliable cars.

It's faster than many competing muscle cars. The top speed of the Acura NSX before 2005 is 270 kph. It's 308 kph for later models.