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Info & specs

Nissan Murano

Nissan Murano side view
Nissan Murano angular front perspective
Nissan Murano angular rear perspective

Overview of the Nissan Murano

Learn about the Nissan Murano


The Nissan Murano is a versatile midsize crossover acclaimed for its roomy cabin and all-wheel drive option. Some generations have up to four available trim levels, so you choose from many comfort and safety features to find what's right for you. The Murano, with its stylish exterior and spacious interior, is a budget-friendly choice, whether as a front-wheel drive for getting the family from point A to point B or a four-by-four vehicle for off-road adventures.

Pros and cons of the Nissan Murano

  • Available all-wheel drive
  • Large suite of safety tech available
  • Spacious interior
  • High-tech features limited to upper models only
  • Large windshield pillars and high hood can reduce forward visibility
  • Voice recognition system can be difficult to use
This is general information and should not be relied on as purchasing advice.

Safety ratings of the Nissan Murano

Safety ratings provided by NHTSA

  • Number of airbags7 - 8Number of airbags depend on trim choice.

Specifications of the Nissan Murano

Key specifications available across all trim levels
  • Seats5
  • Doors5
  • Fuel typeGas
  • TransmissionAutomatic
  • City consumption11 - 12 L/100km
  • Highway consumption8.2 - 8.5 L/100km
  • Width1916 mm
  • Length4888 - 4898 mm
  • Trunk space880 - 1121 L
  • Cargo space1840 - 1979 L
Exact values depend on trim and engine choice.

Trims available with the Nissan Murano

What is a trim? Trims are different options of the same car with different features and equipment. The specs depend on the trim you choose.This variant of the Nissan Murano 2015 - present is available in 7 trims:

S trim features and specs

Frequently asked questions about the Nissan Murano

Dimensions of the Nissan Murano

Vehicle dimensions
YearHeight fromWidth fromLength from
Exact values depend on trim choices.
20211722 mm1916 mm4898 mm
20201722 mm1916 mm4890 mm
20191722 mm1916 mm4888 mm
20181722 mm1916 mm4888 mm
20171722 mm1916 mm4888 mm
20161691 mm1916 mm4888 mm
20151691 mm1916 mm4888 mm

Towing capacity of the Nissan Murano

Unbraked is when the trailer being towed does not have its own braking system. Braked is when the trailer being towed has its own braking system.
Braked and unbraked towing capacities
Exact values depend on trim choices.
2021680 kg680 kg
2020680 kg680 kg
2019680 kg680 kg
2018680 kg680 kg
2017680 kg680 kg
2016680 kg680 kg
2015680 kg680 kg