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Info & specs

Nissan Xterra

Nissan Xterra side view
Nissan Xterra angular front perspective
Nissan Xterra angular rear perspective

Overview of the Nissan Xterra

Learn about the Nissan Xterra


If you’re after a vehicle that can handle off-road driving and has plenty of cargo space, the Nissan Xterra is an excellent choice. Its five-passenger capacity also makes it suitable as a family vehicle, although drivers have noted that the SUV doesn’t handle particularly well on standard roads—this is a machine built for the outdoors and off-roading.

Many praise The Nissan Xterra’s high towing capacity, and the GPS docking bay is a nice touch. Although discontinued, the 2015 model is still competitive with similar vehicles and is often a highly cost-effective option.

Pros and cons of the Nissan Xterra

  • Capable off-road vehicle
  • Strong four-cylinder engine
  • Part-time 4WD
  • High fuel consumption
  • High ground clearance can hamper entry
  • Ceased production in 2015
This is general information and should not be relied on as purchasing advice.

Safety ratings of the Nissan Xterra

Safety ratings provided by NHTSA

  • Number of airbags6

Specifications of the Nissan Xterra

Key specifications available across all trim levels
  • Seats5
  • Doors5
  • Fuel typeGas
  • TransmissionAutomatic or Manual
  • City consumption10.3 - 16 L/100km
  • Highway consumption10.1 - 14 L/100km
  • Width1849 - 1850 mm
  • Length4539 - 4540 mm
  • Trunk space991 - 997 L
  • Cargo space1860 - 1869 L
Exact values depend on trim and engine choice.

Trims available with the Nissan Xterra

What is a trim? Trims are different options of the same car with different features and equipment. The specs depend on the trim you choose.This variant of the Nissan Xterra 2005 - 2015 is available in 6 trims:

S trim features and specs

Frequently asked questions about the Nissan Xterra

Dimensions of the Nissan Xterra

Vehicle dimensions
YearHeight fromWidth fromLength from
Exact values depend on trim choices.
20151902 mm1849 mm4539 mm
20141902 mm1849 mm4539 mm
20131902 mm1849 mm4539 mm
20121902 mm1849 mm4539 mm
20111903 mm1850 mm4540 mm
20101903 mm1850 mm4540 mm
20091903 mm1850 mm4540 mm
20081903 mm1850 mm4540 mm
20071903 mm1850 mm4540 mm
20061903 mm1850 mm4540 mm
20051903 mm1850 mm4540 mm

Towing capacity of the Nissan Xterra

Unbraked is when the trailer being towed does not have its own braking system. Braked is when the trailer being towed has its own braking system.
Braked and unbraked towing capacities
Exact values depend on trim choices.
20151588 kg2268 kg
20141588 kg2268 kg
20132268 kg
20122268 kg
20112268 kg
20102268 kg
20092268 kg
20082268 kg
20072268 kg
20062268 kg
20052268 kg