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Find and finance your next vehicle online on Kijiji Autos

Save time by no longer filling out paperwork and stressing about financing in a dealership; you can now apply for financing and get approved for a car loan online from the comfort of your home.

Choose from 100’s of thousands of vehicles from thousands of dealers across Canada, estimate the trade-in value of your current car, build a payment plan that meets your budget and apply for Online Financing. The only thing you'll need to do at the dealership is get behind the wheel for a test drive and finalize the paperwork.

Plus, when you apply for Online Financing, you can now add protection products like rust proofing, VIN etching or key fob replacement directly to your deal.

To find dealers offering Online Financing, start browsing our listings.

You can finance your next vehicle in four simple steps:

All in one place, all on your terms

Filter by “Online Financing” to shop cars with the “Online Financing” badge.

Kijiji Autos offers a safe and secure way to apply for Online Financing. Start by adding the down payment's value and the payment frequency of your choice. You can choose from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly fees. Customise the term of lease or finance and decide whether to include taxes.

You can also get an instant trade-in estimate for your current vehicle by adding your car make, model, year and mileage to the trade-in estimator. Adding your old car's estimated trade-in value to your application can help you to reduce your down payment.

To avoid any surprises, you can get approved for financing before heading to the dealership. Simply input your information into our secure system and submit it to the dealer and their financial partner for approval.

Once approved, schedule your appointment at the dealership for a in-person test drive and to finalise paperwork.

Benefits of shopping for a car online at Kijiji Autos

  • Find the right car to meet your needs from the comfort of your home
  • Our Payment Estimator helps you make a budget-friendly decision
  • Fair and transparent pricing and dealer ratings
  • Quickly connects you with top-rated and responsive dealers
  • Faster and more accessible than visiting multiple dealerships
  • Safe and secure financing approval at your fingertips


Start by deciding which kind of car you need, then arrange financing and finalize your purchase. Kijiji Autos helps you find and finance your new car with our huge selection of cars, transparent pricing, quick online financing applications and in-depth resources.

Browse our Online Financing listings and customize your payments for the vehicle you want to buy. Add the down payment's value and the payment frequency of your choice. You can also add your old car's estimated trade-in value if you wish.

You must first apply for financing to get approved for a car loan. Select a car from Kijiji Autos’ Online Financing listings, customize your payments online and securely send your application to the dealer and their financial partner for approval.

Kijiji Autos helps you to calculate the trade-in value of your car quickly. Enter details about your vehicle, including make, model and condition to receive an instant trade-in estimate. You can add this number to lower your down payment when applying for Online Financing.

On Kijiji Autos, you can get an instant trade-in estimate by entering details about your car including make, model and condition. Go to our Online Financing listings to start estimating the value of your current car.

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