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Coupes for sale

There is something about a coupe that just spells “f-u-n.” If you’re looking for a coupe, our wide inventory of new and used cars for sale near you will help you find the right coupe to suit your needs. These vehicles run the gamut from compact efficiency to full-on luxury.

Two-door coupes

The two-door coupe is designed primarily for performance. This style of coupe may include a backseat, but space is often limited. The trunk storage space, however, can be surprisingly large. Two-door coupes are often highly compact vehicles and, because of their low weight, they can offer great fuel economy.

Driving a coupe

Coupes tend to be lower to the ground and lighter than other models; which helps them achieve better maneuverability and lower drag – features that add to the overall fuel efficiency of this type of vehicle. Just like their four-door cousins, the two-door coupe employs all of the electronic safety and handling systems available in their line. These features do, however, come at a price.

Features and engines

When shopping for a two-door coupe, you will see standards such as; ABS brakes, stability control, traction control, brake assist, active cruise control and a blind spot monitor to help keep you safe. Power choices run from small, turbo-charged four-cylinder engines up to fire-breathing twin turbo V6 powerplants.

Test it out

These sporty vehicles can be available with manual transmissions, adding to the enjoyment for some drivers. Automatic transmissions are, however, more common. When you are considering buying a coupe, be sure to take it on a test-drive. If you are buying the vehicle privately, consider having it checked by a mechanic before making your final decision.

Top tips:

  • Consider the number of passengers you want to accommodate
  • Check whether the size of the trunk and backseat storage are sufficient for your lifestyle
  • Decide whether extra leg-room is an important feature for you
  • Research the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Natural Resources Canada produces a fuel economy guide; which covers all vehicles sold in Canada from small cars to light-duty trucks
  • Go for a test-drive. Is the steering responsive? Is the ride firm but compliant? Is it a car you can see yourself being comfortable in?

To get started on your search for the perfect coupe, browse through the search results below to find coupes for sale near you. Whether you're looking for a sporty and efficient vehicle or you’d like a luxurious model that really turns heads, our inventory includes thousands of vehicles for sale by private sellers and local dealerships – so you can find the ideal coupe for you.

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