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SUV / Crossovers for sale

If you are looking for a family vehicle, perhaps an SUV (sport utility vehicle) or CUV (crossover utility vehicle) will fit the bill. An SUV or CUV provides space, power, and ruggedness. These vehicles are ideal for drivers who need extra room for the family, or want a more rugged vehicle to take on adventures or use for work.

Comparing SUVs and CUVs

Generally an SUV is built with its body bolted to a truck’s ladder frame while a CUV is based on a car’s unibody platform, which means the body and frame are one. Both vehicles are ideal and versatile family cars that offer all the amenities, safety features and technical innovations of a luxury sedan.

About the SUV

The SUV has more ground clearance and is more rugged and capable of handling backcountry, off-road adventures or hauling large travel trailers. The SUV is larger than the CUV and, therefore, includes more interior space for a family and their gear. In a working vehicle configuration, SUVs offer excellent cargo space.

About the CUV

The CUV is smaller and less rugged than the SUV, but is also generally less expensive and offers better fuel economy. Available in sizes ranging from mid-size to compact to small, the CUV design is less boxy, but still offers extra space for family, groceries, pets, and cargo.

Top tips:

  • Determine a budget for your purchase
  • Consider your needs for space, passenger seating and storage
  • Decide whether or not you will need vehicle-towing power
  • Consider whether or not you will be driving on rough roads or in extreme weather conditions
  • Compare the fuel economy between different vehicles. Older SUVs are significantly less efficient than newer crossovers

With thousands of vehicles to choose from, you can browse through our inventory to find the best new and used SUV and crossover models near you. Whether you're looking for a rugged seven-seat SUV that can do it all, or a compact crossover that provides the space you need, you'll find the right vehicle for you.

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