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If you’re looking for a station wagon, browse through our wide selection of the best new and used station wagons for sale in your area to find a versatile car that offers both space and performance. Whether you're searching for a sleek, contemporary wagon or a wood-paneled wagon with nostalgic style, you'll have plenty of options to choose from.

Comfort and capacity

The station wagon rivals the SUV for five-passenger space and comfort while also offering plenty of cargo capacity. A station wagon can carry the whole family in comfort and tote groceries, a pet or camping gear just as easily as a utility vehicle.

Driving a station wagon

Because it’s more aerodynamic in design, its center of gravity and its drag are lower. That means the station wagon offers greater fuel efficiency without sacrificing carrying capacity. A wagon hugs the road, which gives the handling feel of a sedan and can make it more maneuverable than a sport utility or crossover vehicle. With a variety of engine and transmission choices, today’s station wagon can be a real performance vehicle with all of the acceleration of a sedan.

Top tips:

  • Decide whether you want a new or used wagon. Do you want it for restoration? Or do you want it for immediate use?
  • If you want the station wagon for immediate use, take it for a test-drive. Bring the family with you if you intend for the wagon to be your family car
  • Take note of the cargo space available
  • Check and compare the fuel economy, especially if you’re considering an SUV as an alternate option. Natural Resources Canada publishes fuel consumption ratings for vehicles sold in Canada
  • See if the wagon has a roof rack attached, or can have one fitted. This will allow for even more storage space

Below, you will find plenty of versatile new and used station wagons that blend the need for space with a sporty, car-like driving experience. Search below to find the ideal station wagon to suit your lifestyle.

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