5 steps to picking the best commuter car

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Are you looking for a new vehicle to use for commuting to work, school or wherever else you might need to go throughout your day? Then you're going to want to find a car that offers a perfect balance of safety, comfort and fuel efficiency

Choosing a new commuter car might feel overwhelming due to the wide selection of available options. However, Kijiji Autos strives to make this process as seamless and simple as possible by providing an ample list of vehicles and giving you the tools to filter and sort through them. Follow our five-step guide to help find the perfect vehicle for the job.

1. Gas, electric or hybrid?

Knowing that the sole purpose of this vehicle, more so than any other, is to commute to and from work or wherever else you might be going, it's important that your new commuter car be exceptionally fuel-efficient. Certain eco-friendly cars, whether they're a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or all-electric, are able to give you the satisfaction of knowing that your vehicle is not only saving you money on gas, but also contributing to a healthier earth.

Although all of these eco-friendly vehicles would be an excellent option for commuting, it's important to consider your own daily driving habits to determine which type of vehicle would be best. Think about the length of your commute, the route as well as the average traffic density because certain fuel-efficient options operate better in city environments compared to highways.

2. Comfort is key

Whether your daily commute takes you to the office, school grounds or some combination of the two, you're going to want a vehicle that you will feel comfortable driving every single day. One of the first factors to consider is how many passengers you will need to accommodate. Are you driving with children, full-grown adults or perhaps both? Determining this will help you decide on how spacious of an interior your new commuter car will need.

Hard seats, cramped quarters and low headroom will contribute to a lousy driving experience that nobody will enjoy, so be certain to choose a vehicle that makes you feel comfortable and secure.

3. A safe ride is a happy ride

Commuting every day, whether in the city or on the highway, means that you're going to want a vehicle that makes your feel safe and confident every time you pull out of your driveway. Drivers should seek out a car that offers strong safety scores across all categories.

Look for advanced driver assistance systems, like stability control, lane departure warning and blind-spot monitoring. Innovative technologies such as these greatly contribute to your safety and well-being on the road.

4. Test drive

While numbers and guides, such as this one, help to give drivers a basic understanding of their different options, the best way to get to know a car is simply to drive it. Test drive your favourite options for comfort and feel. Does the car handle well? Are the seats comfortable? Can you picture yourself driving this vehicle every single day? If you answer yes after spending some time with the vehicle then you can feel confident knowing that this option might be right for you.

5. Cost

While commuter cars, specifically eco-friendly cars, promise exceptional savings in the long-term thanks to their solid fuel efficiency, it's important that you don't overstretch yourself upfront. Always choose a vehicle that is well within your budget!

By following these five simple guidelines, you will be able to successfully narrow down the options to find the perfect commuter car for you so you can confidently connect with a dealer. Kijiji Autos offers an enormous selection of vehicles that can suit all your needs. Check out a selection of our popular commuter cars to get started.

Your well-being is our top priority. Consider whether in-person transactions are necessary and visit our Help Desk for more details and guidance. Follow Kijiji Autos' community safety tips for more advice about confidently connecting with dealers or sellers during COVID-19.

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