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Browse Kijiji Autos by Certified Pre-Owned Options

Depending on their budget and specific criteria, it can be difficult for first-time car buyers to know whether they should be focusing on new or used vehicles. To make matters easier, Kijiji Autos now offers a third category to act as a hybrid of the two: certified pre-owned.

These vehicles offer consumers a blend of the various perks that you might expect from both new and lightly-used options. Although they're slightly more expensive than a traditional used vehicle, certified pre-owned (CPO) cars offer guarantees to ensure that you're getting the most out of your purchase.

How does certified pre-owned work?

In simple terms, certified pre-owned vehicles offer many of the benefits of purchasing a brand new car, at a much lower price point. These are vehicles that have been returned to the original automaker or dealer in excellent condition, often as a lease. These cars will typically have very low mileage and have been serviced by a mechanic who is certified by the automaker.

Choosing to buy a CPO vehicle ensures that your purchase is protected. You will have the security of knowing that your car will last longer and perform better than traditional pre-owned options.

Why should you choose a certified pre-owned vehicle?

While certified pre-owned vehicles cost more than other used vehicles, they come with an array of extended warranties and additional perks to more than make up for the price difference. Although some drivers might find that CPO cars are simply not worth the extra money, inexperienced car buyers should seriously consider these programs for their built-in security. 

Certified pre-owned programs guarantee that their products are worth the price that they're selling for. Their vehicles have been thoroughly inspected, serviced and refurbished by a certified mechanic to ensure long-lasting performance.

How to find a CPO vehicle?

While buying a certified pre-owned vehicle can be very similar to buying a new car, there are some distinct differences that new buyers should note. CPO cars are only available directly from dealers that deal exclusively with vehicles in that brand family. However, almost every manufacturer, from Acura to Honda to Volkswagen, offers its very own CPO programs with slightly different features. 

ChevroletBuick, and GMC certified pre-owned vehicles go through 150+ inspections and come standard with roadside assistance, OnStar as well as the Manufacturer's Warranty and a 30-day exchange privilege. Ford certified pre-owned vehicles, on the other hand, are examined in a 172-point inspection and must be less than six years old with fewer than 120,000 km on the odometer.

We have partnered with a number of CPO dealers in Canada to make finding you a new car as easy as possible. Explore each CPO program's details and easily connect with certified dealers today through Kijiji Autos.

Your well-being is our top priority. Consider whether in-person transactions are necessary and visit our Help Desk for more details and guidance. Follow Kijiji Autos' community safety tips for more advice about confidently connecting with dealers or sellers during COVID-19.

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