Our tips for writing your used car Ad

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Our Tips for Writing Your Used Car Ad Kijiji Autos

You’d love to sell your car. It’s still in great shape, but you’re ready for a change. There’s no better time to place an ad and find it a new home.

Beware: writing an ad that will catch the eye of the right buyer can’t be done on the fly. You don’t need to be Shakespeare, but you should take the time to find the right words and strategy to ensure your vehicle stands apart from the crowd.

Ad writing 101

Before you begin writing, be sure you have on hand all the information a prospective buyer will need. It goes without saying that as a minimum, your ad will include the make, model, year and version of your vehicle. Don’t cut corners. There are hundreds of Mazda 3s for sale, but if yours is a GT, say so. Buyers will know right away they’ve found the one that’s fully loaded!

Next, add a spec sheet. It’s easiest if you list the key info, such as the type of transmission, mileage, options, and accessories included in the sale—winter tires, for example—and all other relevant details.

Don’t forget to add any details related to the warranty if it’s still valid as well as the maintenance work done on the vehicle. If you’ve had your car rustproofed each year, be sure to mention it.

Once this list has been finalized and positioned, what’s the best way to polish up your ad? Be sure to include high-quality photos that do justice to your vehicle while providing prospective buyers with a good idea of its overall condition. For more info on this, check out the tips in our Short guide to the perfect car photo.

Next, write a description of your vehicle. Don’t scrimp on words, but there’s no need for an essay either. Simply sum up the car’s history and note all pertinent details. Add a personal touch: let buyers know when you bought it, why you’re selling, whether it’s undergone trauma or been in any accidents, and whether you can provide the maintenance logbook. In short, give potential buyers the information they need to choose your car over the others on the market.

The extras

Your text is written, the photos are fit for a magazine (you don’t actually need professional pics—just be sure they display the car well), and all that’s left is to post your ad on Kijiji.

Take a moment to check out the various options open to you. For instance, how about spending a few extra dollars to showcase your ad? If it appears at the top of the section, for example, you’ll immediately draw the attention of visitors to the page. Better still, placing it on the site’s home page will ensure it reaches all potential buyers, not just those heading to the Cars & Vehicles section.

You can also present it with a unique flair: highlighting is one effect that will help it stand apart from regular ads. Finally, the Urgent/Reduced banners, with their distinctive icons, can help you make a fast sale.

Once your ad is seen by interested buyers, all that’s left is to answer their their calls and emails! For more tips on selling your vehicle, visit Kijiji Autos.

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