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Are you wondering, "How do I sell my car online?" Did you know that it's never been easier to find a buyer for your vehicle when you use Kijiji Autos? Here's a simple cheat sheet for selling your car online:

Write a great ad

Buyers aren't just looking for a sales pitch. They want to know exactly what they're paying for. That means that your ad should cover all the bases. Be sure to include all the essential information, such as:

  • Year, make, model colour
  • Transmission type
  • Fuel type
  • Mileage
  • Everything that's included in the price (winter tires, mats, a stereo system, etc.)
  • Accident history
  • Where you bought it and for how much
  • Any mechanical issues

The more information you include in your ad, the more serious you look as a seller. It wouldn't hurt to run your ad through a spell-checker either!

Take awesome pictures

Your ad tells the story, but a picture says a thousand words. You'll sell your car online far easier if you upload well-lit photos. People buy with their eyes, so make sure to take plenty of pics of both the exterior and interior at different angles. Remove garbage, dust and dirt to make your car look much more valuable.

What else you should include in your pictures:

  • Any and all dings, dents and scratches
  • Front and back seat
  • Dashboard (so buyers can see the kilometre reading)
  • Trunk space
  • Centre console

As long as you shoot your photos in bright daylight, your smartphone can easily take gorgeous ad-worthy shots. 

Negotiate like a pro

So you've uploaded your photos, written your ad and posted your listing on Kijiji Auto's classified ads. Now, get ready to start negotiating. When serious buyers start contacting you, it's important to remember these very simple rules of negotiating:

  • Be friendly and prompt with your reply. Remember, you may be up against some stiff competition, so a little charm and consideration go a long way.
  • Expect a low-ball offer. The buyer is looking for the most value, so of course, they're going to start the negotiation at a low number. Don't be put off, but consider setting your asking price a little higher than the price you're willing to sell your car for.
  • Be on time. If you must meet in person, be sure to follow proper hygiene and social distancing rules, as outlined by Health Canada. Make sure to arrive at the scheduled meeting time.

Using Kijiji Auto's Advice page to sell my car

You have questions about how to sell a car, and we have the answers. Whether you're buying, selling or need help figuring out what all those dashboard lights mean on your vehicle, you can depend on Kijiji Auto's Advice page to find what you're looking for. Sell your used car on Kijiji Autos today.

Your wellbeing is our top priority. Trade with care and please visit our Help Desk or Health Canada to learn more.

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