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When shopping for your next vehicle, it's always a good idea to keep hidden costs in mind. Beyond the sticker price, the cost of car ownership includes things like gas, insurance, maintenance, repairs and depreciation. Before you buy, let's look at how much it can cost to maintain a car in Canada, how much you could budget for annual maintenance and repairs, and how to help protect your car against damage.

Average maintenance cost for a car in Canada

The average car maintenance cost varies depending on the make and model of your car, the vehicle's age and condition, and how much you drive. You can expect routine maintenance on a new car to run about $500 to $700 a year, while a 10-year-old vehicle could be in the $1400 to $1500 range. These averages do not include the cost of car repairs on common problems like paint chips, punctured tires, ripped upholstery or rust.

Budgeting for maintenance and repairs

Some experts recommend budgeting about $1200 to $2000 per year for car maintenance and repairs. Before buying a new or used car, it's a good idea to research annual maintenance costs using a driving cost calculator. Also, keep in mind that while car insurance does cover some repairs, putting in a claim on something small like a cracked windshield could lead to a higher premium.

Wondering who is responsible for repairs on a leased car? The person leasing the vehicle is responsible for all maintenance and repair costs during their lease term and may be required to pay for damage, extra mileage or wear-and-tear at the end of the lease.

Help save money by protecting your car

One of the ways to reduce the long-term cost of car maintenance and repairs is by adding protection products to your car deal. Car protection products can act as an extra layer of insurance on particular parts of your car, like the windshield or tires.

They can also be physical products applied to your vehicle's interior and exterior to prevent things like stains, weathering and rust. By protecting your car at the time of purchase, you may be able to avoid budget-busting bills in the future.

Available protection products

Car dealerships offer a wide array of protection products to help you keep your car in great condition and reduce the cost of unexpected repairs. Popular car protection products include Anti Rust, a high-quality rust-proofing product; Rock Guard, which covers the cost of windshield repair or replacement; VIN Etching, a theft deterrent where your vehicle's VIN is permanently engraved into the windshields and windows; and Lease Care, which helps you avoid expensive end-of-lease charges.

On Kijiji Autos, you can add protection products right to your car deal. As each dealership offers its own add-ons, available protection products will vary.

Benefits of adding a protection product to your car deal

Adding a protection product to your car deal on Kijiji Autos could save you time, money and stress. To start with, knowing that your bank account and your car are protected against qualifying road hazards and bad luck is great for your peace of mind.

As you can roll the cost right into your financing plan, paying a small amount monthly is easier to budget for than paying a large surprise repair bill. And by adding protection products to your deal from the comfort of your home, you save time normally spent in the dealership. You can complete all your paperwork online, giving you time to research and read the fine print without the hard sell.

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