What is the value of undercoat protection on your vehicle?

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When you buy a new vehicle, protecting it so that it lasts as long as possible is definitely top of mind, whether that's through security upgrades or an extra coat of paint. But how often do you consider the care and safety of your vehicle’s undercarriage? Depending on where you are, the bottom of your car might face damage. Below we've broken down what might be damaging your car’s undercarriage, what you could do to protect it and what some of the best options are. Also, if you're wondering what undercoating is, does rust proofing work, and what the cost to undercoat a car is, you've come to the right place.

What is damaging the bottom of your vehicle?

Here in Canada, the roads are explicitly challenging to drive and especially tough on our vehicles. Consistent winter snow means heavy ice on the roads, forcing cities and regions to spread de-icing salt. The problem is that these salts could wreak havoc on the bottoms of our vehicles, causing rusting. The worst part is, with this happening in spots that aren't visible, the salt sits there, never to be cleaned. Utilizing a vehicle undercoating could be a defence against these annual salt attacks.

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How to protect your vehicle

Because of the rugged roads in Canada, it's essential to know how to rust proof your car. We advise you to let an expert apply rust protection for cars, as the chemicals could be harmful. What is undercoat? It's a layer of coating dried and adhered to vulnerable parts of your car. And before you ask whether rust proofing is worth it, consider the value of your vehicle.

Undercoating vs. rust proofing

Rust proofing vs. undercoating is a simple question to answer, as they essentially offer the same service. The difference is car rust protection deals with other problematic spots where your vehicle may rust; meanwhile, undercoating for cars deals specifically with the bottom. The choice is yours, but the words rustproofing and undercoating can be interchangeable. Before choosing between a rust protection car or undercoating a car, you will want to research undercoating price vs. rust proofing prices. If the undercoating price is not much less, you could consider rust proof undercoating.

The value of car corrosion protection

The rust proof cost may not always be worth it. Is rust proofing for new cars necessary? No, but getting the most extended life out of your vehicle is a good idea. Drivers often ask, "should I rust proof a used car?" That is more dependent on the vehicle's current condition and how long you want the undercarriage to last. The important thing to ask yourself is how much is undercoating for a car, and how long does undercoating last on a vehicle? Rust proofing car costs can range depending on your area and your service provider. It may be best to call and ask, “how much does undercoating cost?”.

Whether you're looking for a rust proof car or an undercoat rust protection, there are a variety of new and used vehicles available that have already been coated and protected. Find them on the extensive catalogue of vehicles in your area on Kijiji Autos.

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