5 questions to help you choose the right vehicle

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5 questions to help you choose the right vehicle

You’ve read what the experts have to say and you’ve narrowed your preferences down to four or five models. Now you’re at a crucial moment: which vehicle do you choose? Here are five questions to help you decide which car to buy on Kijiji Autos.

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1. Economy or power?

Within the same category of vehicle, and sometimes the same model, you’ll be faced with deciding between a larger engine and better fuel economy. Increasingly, models are available with either economical 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder engines. It’s a tough choice because only usage will determine whether you’ve made the right decision. Just because you use the vehicle for towing once or twice a year doesn’t mean you have to choose the most powerful engine. On the other hand, if your vehicle is for your family and always full of people or you often lug heavy gear around (kayaks, trailers, etc), you may want to invest in a more powerful engine that will support the extra weight and give you a boost in power. Also, check the type of fuel required. Some vehicles need premium gasoline (which is more expensive), some use more affordable fuel and yet others use no fuel at all. If you’re looking for an electric car, you’ll find awesome new and used models by searching the eco-friendly category on Kijiji Autos site. Devoted exclusively to cars and trucks, Kijiji Autos is designed for everyone – pros and novice buyers.

2. Large or small?

This is not as much of a dilemma as you might think. Naturally, most of the larger vehicles offer more cargo and passenger space. This improves overall comfort, at least in principle. But even though they’re a few centimetres smaller, compact cars also have seats and accessories that provide as much comfort as the large ones. It all depends on how the vehicle will be used, the size of the occupants and the goods being transported. Whether you’re looking for a good fit for your family or just you, you can browse by body type on the easy to use Kijiji Autos. There’s always something available that suits you!

3. Safety or gadgets?

The advice is simple: Anything that can make your family trip safer and fits your budget should be added to the list of options in your new vehicle. In other words, take a look at vehicles with the most airbags, the most effective electronic driver aids and the most sensitive sensors. Automatic emergency braking and a blind-spot warning or lane-support system will keep you and your family safer in all conditions. Electronic gadgets and even navigation systems are also excellent additions.

4. Resale value or purchase discount?

Depending on the dealer or manufacturer, you may be offered attractive discounts on the purchase price. In some cases, however, those discounts are on vehicles that have a lower resale value due to their abundance on the market, making them less attractive. So take the time to determine resale value before making a choice between your monthly payment and what your car will be worth when you want to change vehicles.

5. Automatic or manual?

This question is asked less frequently nowadays, but it’s still valid. Frankly, automatic transmissions have evolved so much they’re now as effective, though less sporty, as their manual counterparts. The choice therefore depends on your driving habits, your commute (being stuck in rush-hour traffic with manual transmission can be challenging) and your preference. There are also cars that give you both options: automatic but you can shift when you feel like it.

Once you’ve given some thought to these five questions, you’ll be a lot closer to finding and buying your perfect new ride on Kijiji Autos.

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