Top 10 popular pickup trucks in Canada

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The pickup truck has always been a symbol of utility and strength, and lately, many models have become luxury family vehicles that leave nothing to be desired. In no particular order, these popular brands represent a range of available features, engine types and towing capacities. 
Check out the top 10 popular pickup trucks in Canada and discover the model that suits your needs:

1. RAM 3500

The RAM 3500 is a beast of a pickup. With up to 35,000 pounds of towing capacity and up to 7,680 pounds of payload, the RAM 3500 is the cream of the crop when it comes to capability. Its spacious interior and incredible capacity help make this Canada's best pickup truck.
Check out the RAM 3500's 11 different trims on Kijiji Autos. 

2. GMC Sierra 2500

The GMC Sierra 2500 is the mid-range pickup in GMC's model lineup. This model is available as a two- or four-door with up to six seats, making it the perfect family vehicle for drivers who like power and cargo capacity. With great towing and hauling capabilities, it's also an ideal heavy-duty work vehicle
Check out the GMC Sierra 2500's full list of specs and safety features. 

3. RAM 2500

The RAM 2500 is a well-rounded vehicle that comes in both two and four-door models as well as a powerful V6 diesel engine. With a towing capacity of up to 19,780 pounds and an optional off-roading package, the RAM 2500 is both fun and versatile.
Read the full feature and spec list on the RAM 2500 overview page.

4. Toyota Tacoma

If you're looking for a pickup that doubles as a family vehicle, the Toyota Tacoma may be the right fit. Equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense system, the Toyota Tacoma has seven different trim levels that offer features like Hill Start Assist and rear sensors to keep you and your passengers safe and comfortable.
Learn more about this model's towing capacity on the Toyota Tacoma overview page.

5. GMC Sierra 1500

The GMC Sierra 1500 is a mid-range pickup with impressive capability and six different engine and transmission options. While fuel consumption is high, the GMC Sierra 1500 offers a ton of cool tech and safety features, especially in models released from 2017. Check out the full list of specs and safety features on the GMC Sierra 1500 overview page.

6. Toyota Tundra

If you're looking for power and reliability, the Toyota Tundra is the perfect light-duty pickup. With a standard V8 engine and spacious flatbed, the Toyota Tundra is great for your suburban jobs. 
Learn more about its enhanced technology at the Toyota Tundra overview page.

7. Chevrolet Silverado 1500

The Chevrolet Silverado is a powerful workhouse that offers tons of legroom for all passengers. With plenty of engine options available, including the powerful V8 twin-turbo, drivers can configure the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 to suit their personal and professional driving needs.
Learn about this model's impressive fuel economy on the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 overview page. 

8. Ford F-250

There's a reason they say these vehicles are "built Ford tough". The Ford F-250 has a maximum towing capacity of 15,800 pounds and plenty of functionality for commercial work. Up to six crew members fit comfortably in the double cab, and drivers can opt for a wide range of safety features.  
Learn more about its technical features on the Ford F 250 overview page.

9. RAM 1500

The RAM 1500 is a popular pickup for both commercial and personal use. While the engine choices are limited to three, drivers have 20 trim lines to choose from. Fully redesigned in 2019, the RAM 1500 is bigger and more durable than previous models.
Discover its long list of safety features on the RAM 1500 overview page.

10. Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 has been a trusted name in pickups for years. Equipped with a military-grade aluminum-alloy body and modern safety features like Trailer Backup Assist, the Ford F-150 is great as a family car and work vehicle.
Learn about this model's towing and hauling capacity at the Ford F 150 overview page. 

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