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All-electric cars and hybrid cars are more than just a fad. Environmentally friendly vehicle choices are the way of the future. In fact, it may not even be a choice for much longer. The government of Canada has already stated their intentions of a mandate for all cars sold after 2035 to be zero-emission. However, there is already a significant shift toward electric and hybrid cars in Canada in 2022.

Hybrid cars in Canada

There was once a time when we thought the future would be full of flying cars. Instead, hybrid vehicles are quickly becoming the norm. The hybrid has become so prevalent that we are looking toward the future and next steps that will lead to all vehicles becoming fully electric.

Manufacturers going electric

Already, finding hybrid cars in Canada is an easy feat thanks to companies offering environmentally friendly variations of their most popular vehicles. But it may surprise you to know just how many established auto manufacturers intend to go completely electric. Large companies like Toyota and Mercedes-Benz plan to go all-electric by 2040. Other companies like PorscheVolkswagen and Ford have committed that significant percentages of their vehicles will be electric in the near future. Volvo and General Motors intend to lead the pack, but they may be beaten out by Jaguar, which has committed to go all-electric by 2025.

Electric car companies

Of course, the shift to all-electric cars in Canada is spawning the rise of new electric car brands. The most famous of these electric car manufacturers is Tesla, whose vehicles can already be seen all over Canadian roadways. But they are not the only new electric car company on the block. American EV makers like Lucid Motors, Rivian and Fisker have already come a long way in production. Equally, international electric car manufacturers are beginning to hit the roads, including NIO, Sono and Li Auto. But most exciting of all are the electric car makes coming right out of our backyard in Canada, like Lion Electric and GreenPower Motor Company.

Project Arrow

We cannot talk about Canada hybrid cars and EVs without touching on Project Arrow. This may not be something you have heard of yet, but it is paving the way for EV cars in Canada. Project Arrow is the first full-build zero-emission concept vehicle coming from Canada's Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (APMA). The all-hands-on-deck project is bringing together the best our country has to offer to develop a new vehicle from scratch. Project Arrow will build electric cars in the great white north and hopes to make our transition to zero-emissions a successful journey. The four-phase project is on track to debut its new vehicle as soon as 2023.

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