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As soon as they spot your car's ad in the Kijiji search results, buyers are already trying to determine whether your vehicle could be a good deal for them.

Here are 10 things that buyers love to see that can make your ad stand out and give them the information that they’re looking for: 

Important details organized clearly

Searching through long lists of ads takes up buyers’ time, so they love it when an ad clearly organizes information in clean paragraphs and using bullet lists. This format is simple to skim and makes it easier for them to pick out details that might attract them to an ad.


Quick to skim, packed with information and visually interesting, photos of your car instantly deliver detailed information to buyers and assure them of the car’s condition. Try to post several well-lit ones of your vehicle looking its best.


The next step up from photos would be videos! A short clip of your car running or driving allows buyers to see the vehicle in action, and hear the engine, further assuring them that the car is in good working order.

Records of maintenance

Buyers like to know that the car they’re considering buying has been well cared for. If you have records of oil changes and other routine maintenance work, this is a verifiable record of the car’s past and demonstrates that it has been properly taken care of.

Why you are selling

It’s a question you’ll often hear from serious buyers, as they wonder why you might be parting with the vehicle. Is there an issue that they should know about, or is it simply a case of not needing the car anymore? Explaining why it’s for sale eases their mind and establishes trust.

Details on damage

Buyers appreciate honesty in car ads, especially when it comes to details about damage and the vehicle’s reliability. If your car has experienced some damage, it’s best to let buyers know and establish whether the issue has been solved or affects the car’s use.

Low mileage

A lower mileage is a great selling point on any car, and is often one of the first considerations for buyers. While you can’t change the mileage your car has, be sure to highlight it if it happens to be lower than average. Place it in the title and set it in bold font in the description.

Included perks

It’s always nice to get something extra in a purchase, and with cars, it’s no different. Bonus features like an included roof rack, USB plug in the radio, seat warmers or other small selling points are important to include, as they can sway a buyer’s decision.

Complete paperwork

Records of ownership, a clean CARFAX Canada record, details on repairs and other documents that illustrate the history of the car can help buyers get a feel for whether the car is reliable, ensure them that it has not been involved in an accident and show how past damages have been taken care of.

Affordable price

Everyone loves to get a good deal, so pricing your vehicle competitively is one of the best ways to get a quick sale. If your price is particularly affordable, emphasize it by posting it in the title of the ad.

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