Canada’s Green Transport Cities - Which of Canada’s largest metropolitan cities has the most sustainable transport system?

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Canada’s most populous cities: sustainability and greener transport

Public transport plays an important role in lowering a city’s congestion and air pollution level. Canadian cities have been leading the way with their green initiatives and transforming in their quest to reduce carbon emissions.

But which of Canada’s most populous metropolitan cities are making the biggest strides to sustainability and greener transport? 

Kijiji Autos has analyzed a range of metrics from bicycle and e-scooter rental programs, number of public transport options, number of electric charging points and congestion levels to find out which of Canada’s top 10 most populous metropolitan cities is the green transport capital. 

Green Transport Cities in Canada Analyzed

Canada’s most populous cities: sustainability and greener transport

Scoring 6.24 out of a possible 10, Vancouver topped the list as the Canadian city with the most sustainable transport. With a goal to be entirely powered by clean energy by 2050, this densely populated city in British Columbia is world-renowned for its green thinking and living, so it is no surprise it has ranked first in our analysis.

Some of the city’s green initiatives include both e-scooter and bike share programs, multiple public transport methods, including a fleet of eco-friendly buses, and a huge network of 1,778 mapped cycle routes.

Sitting on opposite banks of the Ottawa River and taking second place for sustainable transport is both Ottawa and Gatineau scoring 5.80 out of 10. With both e-scooter and bike share programs as well as multiple public transport opportunities, these two cities are giving residents and visitors a plethora of alternatives to car transport.

Taking third place for sustainable transport is Montreal, the largest city in Québec. Despite not offering an e-scooter share program, they do offer a bike share program and multiple public transport opportunities. With a huge network of 2,163 mapped cycling routes, Montreal was ranked the best North American city for cyclists in 2019 as rated by the Copenhagenize Index.

Electric Car Cities in Canada Analyzed

Canadian Cities with the most of electric cars on the roads and charging points
Which Canadian cities are leading the way with the most electric cars driven on their roads and the most electric car charging points?

With electric cars becoming increasingly popular, we wanted to investigate which Canadian cities were leading the way with the most electric cars driven on their roads and the most electric car charging points.

Taking both metrics into account, Toronto ranks first place with 6,300 electric cars and 864 charging points.

Closely followed in second place is Montreal, who is also the 3rd highest overall-ranking green transport city. Montreal boasts 3,633 electric cars and 1258 charging points.

In third place is Vancouver - the greenest city, although with 6,600 electric cars on its roads, it only has 483 charging points.

Coming in last in the electric car ranking is Winnipeg. Despite being the largest city in Manitoba and Canada’s seventh largest city Winnipeg only has 76 electric cars on their roads and 68 charging points, a big difference compared to the leading cities.

Looking at Kijiji Autos’s own data, we were able to identify which cities had the highest numbers of both electric and hybrid cars listed on Kijiji Autos.

Toronto came out on top with the most electric and hybrid cars combined, both listing 233 and 1213. Coming out last with the least electric and hybrid cars listed was Kitchener, with only 13 electric and 93 hybrid cars listed.

Discover how many cars are listed on Electric and Hybrid Cars on Kijiji Autos in Canada.

Most Polluted Cities Analyzed

Air pollution levels and congestion in Canadian cities

Air pollution levels and congestion within cities is an important metric when looking at a city’s level of sustainability. From our review, we can reveal Toronto is the city deemed to have the highest levels of air pollution as a result of its high congestion (22%) and only 19 points on the air quality index.

For more information on green transport, take a look at our sustainability guide.


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