Dodge Durango: Must-Known Features

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The Dodge Durango is a midsize SUV with seating for up to seven passengers, generous space and impressive engine options, like its high-performance V8 HEMI engine.

Are you looking for a family-friendly that drives more like a muscle car? Here's what you need to know about the Dodge Durango, courtesy of Kijiji Autos.

Basic Specs

  • Model type: midsize SUV
  • Seats: 5 – 7
  • Doors: 5
  • Number of trims: 7 – 13
  • Fuel type: gasoline
  • Transmission: automatic

Dodge Durango interior

Passengers of all sizes will find plenty of room to stretch their legs in all three rows of this midsize SUV. The second and third row of seats are raised for a stadium-like feel. Drivers can opt for captain's chairs in the second row, though that brings the total seat count down to six. 

For more opulent interior finishes, drivers should look beyond the base trim, such as the all-new Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat. The third row of seats stopped being standard as of 2017.

Safety features

The Dodge Durango has mixed crash test results but tends to have a high predicted reliability rating. Notably, the 2011 Dodge Durango received high safety scores. The only advanced safety feature that comes standard is the rearview backup camera, but drivers can opt for additional advanced driver assistance systems, such as:

  • Lane-keeping assist (since 2018)
  • Adaptive cruise control (since 2013)
  • Forward-collision warning
  • Rain-sensing windshield wipers
  • Parking sensors (front and rear)
  • Rear-cross traffic alert

Full-time all-wheel drive has been available on all Dodge Durango models since 2008. 

What technology is available?

The infotainment system has an easy-to-use touchscreen and is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which became standard in the 2018 model release. An optional Beats by Dr. Dre stereo has been available since 2015. The 2021 model comes with an optional wireless charging station. Drivers can also expect Bluetooth connectivity and the UConnect voice-activated system to help you keep your eyes on the road.

A supersized 10.1-inch touchscreen is available on the 2021 Dodge Durango. Before the 2021 model year, the standard size of the touchscreen was 7 inches but was upgraded to 8.4.

How does the Dodge Durango drive?

The Dodge Durango's standard V6 engine is powerful enough but due to its weight and size, it tends to lack acceleration power. Towing capacity is better with the V8 engine option. Eco-conscious drivers should stick with the more fuel-efficient V6 engine.

The Dodge Durango feels like a heavy car when it's navigating sharp corners and its steering can feel unresponsive. However, passengers will enjoy the smooth, quiet and comfortable ride. 

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