5 Things you are messing up on your car ad

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Placing one's car ad

There, you hope that they will find the information they need to determine if your car is for them, as well as your contact information to start the sale process. However, there can be a few basic mistakes you can be making that prevent this ideal flow from happening. Here’s five key points that you don’t want to mess up on your car ad:

Not Posting Pictures

Leaving out a photo on your ad is one of the worst mistakes you can make when you post a car ad. Browsing buyers are drawn to ads with photos first and may skip your ad entirely if it is image-less. Not only does an ad missing a photo blend into the background, but it causes buyers to wonder why the ad is missing the photo. They may suspect that your car is not in the condition you say it is, which is why it isn’t being shown. They may even think that the ad is a potential scam, especially if the description sounds great, yet there is no photo to back it up. Even adding one photo makes a powerful difference, and Kijiji lets you to add up to ten. Try to use these to show important aspects of the car, such as the interior, trunk and under the hood as well as the entire car from different angles.

Leaving Out Important Information

Many buyers mentally filter through ads by certain vital criteria, such as whether the car has an automatic or manual transmission, make and model, whether it takes gas or diesel, its mileage, year, number of seats, number of doors and condition as well as other smaller features. Take the time to put these key pieces of information in the first paragraph of the description or outline them at the top of a bullet list of features.

Forgetting to Highlight Features

A smaller selling feature may not be what makes or breaks a deal, but leaving out the smaller features entirely can put your ad at a disadvantage. If a buyer is trying to choose between your ad and others for a serious buying option, listing the smaller features such as a sunroof, heated seats, power locks, windows or mirrors, and so on may tilt the scales in your favour. Listing these features can also help to justify your price point.

Using a Lackluster, Generic Title

When the search results pop up for car buyers, the title of the ad paired with the photo is the first criteria by which interested parties use to sift through ads. This makes a good title vital. The title should include important information to describe the car and a selling point or two if possible. Try to use keywords that your ideal buyer would search for, such as the make, model and year, and type of transmission.

Clunky Formatting

While it’s important to include important information and craft a detailed description, how you present this information helps your ad to succeed too. A chunky paragraph of text looks careless and is difficult for a buyer to skim and identify as a good option. Break up your description into an introductory paragraph that briefly overviews the car, a bullet list of specs and features and a final few paragraphs to explain any details, why you are selling and contact, location and payment details.

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